Monthly Archives: September 2012

Book Review, “Team Geek: A Software Developer’s Guide to Working Well with Others”

I first heard about this book from a ┬ámention of Team Geek on boingboing. As a Buddhist, a telecommuter and a technical team lead this seemed right up my alley. I have spent more than my share of my career interacting with others in a less than helpful way. Many of us have: our skills […]

On Scarcity and the Overabundance of Food

Our food supply is abundant and access to it is unguarded, unbounded. This is not our natural state and promotes poor health and disease. We are forced to rely on mindfulness to overcome millions of years of evolutionary tendency towards eating whatever is a a available without hesitation. We buy too much food to make […]

Switching gears when the training isn’t working

Six weeks into training for the half marathon and it’s just not working. Both Minette and I are getting over tired after the long runs and have realized that we have ramped up too fast. Neither of us are fit enough right now to do the training without hurting ourselves and getting sick. We are […]

runs with pelicans

This morning’s 7mi run is the end of week 5 or so of half-marathon training with Minette in the build up to the Santa Barbara International Marathon on November 10. We run through Santa Barbara Shores Park down to the beach. With the tide high the usual suspects (curlews, snowy plovers, black-bellied plovers, mallards, black […]

A return to writing with a public face, Facebook is not enough.

I like to write. Facebook is fun but it’s more of a “heyhowzitgoin?” type of thing and only a step up from texting. I need an outlet to share life experiences, triathlon training progress, telecommuting, Buddhism, technical thoughts and ideas independent of whether they’ll been read or seen. So these will be dispatches from the […]