Monthly Archives: August 2015

Back to Asics: an Ode to my shoes

You supported me through 100′s of miles of Training on Roads and Trails, Through the Wildflower Long Course Triathlon’s 13 miles of dust and rocks, Through to the Finish of Ironman Boulder 2014, Through countless strength sessions, You didn’t complain when you played second fiddle to new Hoka One’s, You’ve now reached the end of […]

New Ideas and Overwhelm: Ramping up as Workflow

This year’s vacation has given me time to do more of my own creative work and I’ve found both the Garmin ConnectIQ SDK for Sport Watches and the Amazon Alexa SDK for Voice Services to be fertile ground. I like to think that one of my stronger talents is to quickly see how new technology […]

Dive in vs. RTFM

I’ve spent the last 40 years programming so at this point jumping in to a new language and SDK is my natural inclination. They’ve got sample programs and a commented API? Great, I’m all set. It was with that mindset that I started with the Garmin ConnectIQ SDK so I could do some fun development […]