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Spaceshifting the Treehouse

6pm at the dinner table. “Why can’t I get on your server?” asks my 11-year old daughter of my 14-year old son. “Because it’s just for me, Kinsey and Patrick and my close friends” is his quick response. With that one statement I realize how easily and deeply my children can shift between the real […]

Tamerlan, Tamerlane, Boston and Poe

When the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings were identified I was struck by the name of the older brother: Tamerlan Tsarnaev. I remembered that Tamerlane was a historical figure and wondered about the background of the name. A quick consult of the interwebs showed that Tamerlane, TimÅ«r-e Lang, was an Uzbek ruler from the […]

Panga Boats, Nova Scotia and a Reprise of the Banana Fleet

When we moved our family from the Dallas area to Goleta last summer I was immediately struck by the things that tied it back to my ancestral home in Nova Scotia, Canada. On a cool foggy morning in Goleta the air tastes the same as what I grew up with on the South Shore. ‘Goleta‘ […]