runs with pelicans

This morning’s 7mi run is the end of week 5 or so of half-marathon training with Minette in the build up to the Santa Barbara International Marathon on November 10. We run through Santa Barbara Shores Park down to the beach. With the tide high the usual suspects (curlews, snowy plovers, black-bellied plovers, mallards, black phoebes, stupid immature cormorants, dolphins, seals, etc.) are all pushed up against the rocks. As such we are competing for space and doing some of our own darting up and down the sand to stay out of the surf.

Rock with a Beak

Two paces away is an odd rock. One pace away is an odd rock that is moving. Beside me is a brown pelican uncurling from a comfortable rest. I point to it behind me as Minette nears it. The pelican is opening it’s wings and beak simultaneously, Minette is jumping to her right in surprise emitting a strange ‘yip!’ and possibly some expletives. We take the trail back up to the bluff.

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