Switching gears when the training isn’t working

Six weeks into training for the half marathon and it’s just not working. Both Minette and I are getting over tired after the long runs and have realized that we have ramped up too fast. Neither of us are fit enough right now to do the training without hurting ourselves and getting sick. We are both too slow to get the shorter mid-week runs done quickly so that makes scheduling are kids school day mornings difficult.

downshift to climb up

Disappointed? Nope. Why not? Because I’m not labeling it as a failure. Of course I want to have a training goal and plan and stick to it but right now it’s about simply improving from where I am. It’s about losing fat, keeping the stress, acid reflux and asthma issues from rearing their ugly heads, and doing more hiking, ocean swims and bike rides. Outside of cross-country skiing and climbing, running level is always the absolute measure of fitness for me: weight loss is the first step.

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